Why the Rockmaster System

Why the Rockmaster System?

Add A Visual Component To Your Music Learning

The Benefits of Adding A Visual Component To Your Music Learning

Why the Rockmaster System?

Spend less time on basics and more on creativity

Play your favorite songs or create your own tunes

If you just have trouble finding a radio station that plays your kind of music, don’t worry, now you will be able to play your favorite songs.

The patented piano method has you playing songs right away

Playing piano accompaniment is really not that difficult with the Rockmaster System

Same ease, no matter the key With the Rockmaster System you will be able to play in all keys. You might even find that is more fun to play in the flat keys

Visual representation of chords – the way the brain naturally thinks

Play songs while you are learning theory

Once learned, you won’t need a book every time you play

Practice anytime, anywhere – you don’t need a block of time or keyboard

You can work out your chord changes and practice them anywhere.

You do not need a keyboard to do this Use the keyboard diagram on the back cover of the book Patterns and simple connection hold even on “difficult” chord changes

Exciting and adaptable system that grows in its usefulness each day

We invite you to be a part of the Rockmaster System and shape it to your needs and wishes. Then share it with others through us! We will post your adaptations and tips on our website. To us, each of you is a creative developer that can add something special to benefit present and future generations.

Are you ready to ROCK? Let’s roll!

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Chord Changing Methods

Why the Rockmaster System?

Visual Piano Learning Method

Visual Piano Learning Method

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