What is the Rockmaster System

What is the Rockmaster System?

Visual Piano Learning Method

The Rockmaster System - The quickest way to learn piano accompaniment using its Patented Piano Method

A Visual Component Added to Your Piano Learning

Learn to play piano accompaniment using Chord Images instead of Standard Notation.

What is the Rockmaster System?

The Rockmaster System, Visual Piano Learning Method is an innovative piano/keyboard learning method that allows even those with no experience in reading music or playing the piano to start playing within minutes. The secret to the Rockmaster System is its patented chord changing method and its simplified piano tablature; these combine to make the Rockmaster System the simplest method for learning piano available today. By devoting just half an hour per week to practicing the Rockmaster System, students will learn to play keyboard accompaniments at a relatively high level in less time than they thought possible.

By “Relating Ongoing Chords to the Keyboard” (ROCK), the Rockmaster System allows students to learn rock-style keyboard accompaniments by using its two patented processes.
The first, a unique chord changing system that allows students to master chord changes with maximum ease; no experience in reading music is required to begin learning. Secondly, because the Rockmaster System uses a patented simplified form of piano tablature, it offers a unique visual learning style that is easier for most students to learn than traditional teaching methods. The Rockmaster System actually combines standard notation with its own visual representations, reinforcing the learning process. Students learn to recognize chords and develop an understanding of the underlying relationship between chords and the notes in those chords; the visual representation method provides a valuable memory aid to first-time and returning piano and keyboard students.

Although the Rockmaster System is a rock-style learning method for piano and keyboards, it is designed to allow students to accompany all types of music,





Bossa Nova








Country and Western




• And the list goes on!

The Simplest Piano Method

Whatever the style of music, the Rockmaster System provides students with the tools and knowledge they need to learn how to accompany their favorite songs. This patented learning method helps students learn quickly and begin performing almost immediately, reducing the frustration and loss of interest that traditional systems can sometimes produce. The Rockmaster System is uniquely suited for the needs of all age groups since it requires no previous ability to read music and no knowledge of music theory; students can start learning and playing chords from their very first lesson. The Rockmaster System is so groundbreaking that it was awarded two U.S. Patents, making it the most innovative and original piano learning system on the market today.

What is the Rockmaster System?  The Rockmaster System is your way how to learn to play piano accompaniment with the best use of your limited time.

PS. The Rockmaster System now offers standard piano method as well as rock style piano method.

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