Chord Change Formula 5L

Rockmaster Chord Change Formula 5L: do-re-mi Method

How to use the Rockmaster do-re-mi Method for Left-Hand to change chords

Chord Change Formula 5L do-re-mi Method for Left-Hand  is a standard chord changing method

All diatonic chords contain do or re or mi (1 2 3)
You can use these three notes as a guide in chord changing.
If there are non-diatonic chords, the b9 or #9 may also be present.
These notes will be at the bottom, middle or top of all the chords

Formula 5L F1

Formula 5L F2


Example in D

Formula 5L F3

Formula 5L F4


Example in B

Formula 5L F5

Formula 5L F6

Formula 5L F7

The Hollies


Chord Changing Methods For Left Hand

Chord Change Formula 5L do-re-mi Method for Left-Hand

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