Chord Change Formula 7L

Rockmaster Chord Change Formula 7L: Triad Substitution Method  

How to use the Rockmaster Triad  Substitution Method to change chords   

Chord Change Formula 7L: Triad Substitution Method is a Standard chord changing method (Left Hand Chords)

By using triad substitution you can reduce the number of chord shapes that you need to remember to play a song.

The 5th of the chord is not essential to the quality of the chord and can be omitted without losing chord quality.

In G Major it might look like this.

Formula 7L F1

Most of the chords fall under just two triad shapes

Formula 7L F2

Example in G Major

All Of Me – Left-Hand Chord Changes

All Of Me is almost like a 3-chord song.

The song has many chords, but you can play most of the song – using Triad Substitutions – with  just 3 chord shapes.

Formula 7l F3

G                              B7                             G/B
Em                           E7
Am                           A7                             Am/C
Dm                           D7                            Dm/F

There are 3 other chords used just once each:
Formula 7L F4




Formula 7L F5

Formula 7L F6

Formula 7L F7

Formula 7L F8

Listen to the song

                               Ella Fitzgerald                               


Sarah Vaughan


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Chord Change Formula 7L: Triad Substitution Method

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