Rockmaster Review Hollywood Today

Rockmaster Review Hollywood Today

Rockmaster Review Hollywood Today November, 2009

Two U.S Patents now on RockMaster Piano in Minutes method
November 14th, 2009
Roll over Beethoven and Tchaikovsky then news: You can learn a piano song in minutes. Patents issued. Tablature for Piano sings in a new era.

New York (Hollywood Today) – 11/14/09
The United States Patent Office has granted a second
extraordinary patent to a uniquely simple piano-learning
technique so simple kids to entertainment pros can use it.

It is part of the RockMaster School of piano instruction, being used at prestigious educational establishments like the New York School System.

While it won’t make your Mozart or Elton in a night, kids can use it easily to learn while entertainment pros without a lot of music training can use it to transmit their ideas to others who must interpret for stage and screen. Even musical pros can benefit from this method.

The Patent Office calls the “Visual Keyboard Instructional Method.”

It’s the first and only source to create four-part harmonies without possibly years of schooling.

It does so with a visual representative of the chords – the visual aspect being the easiest for the human brain to comprehend and remember. It’s easy to learn tabs have you doing finger notations in no time.

This is the second patent creator Winston Harrison has won, the first being “THE ROCKMASTER SYSTEM: Book One – an Relating Ongoing Chords to the Keyboards. ROCK quickly teaches you how to play along with any song whose chords are known. You can use the sheet music guitar players use, but don’t have to learn the fingering for every chord, just the first one. After that the Rockmaster formula takes over, relating each ongoing chord to the chord that precedes it in the easiest way possible. Each finger stays where it is or moves to an adjacent note.

The simple beauty of this formula is made even easier by ROCK’s unique visual representation of keyboard chords. The RockMaster System reduces what you need to know about the keyboard down to its essentials, so you can put your piano or keyboard to the use you’ve always wanted to as soon as possible. You can play along to your favorite songs — or even to songs you write yourself.

Students can use RockMaster for playing piano accompaniment their favorite songs, even if the artist is not a pianist. Just get the sheet music from RockMaster and you can get everyone from Michael Jackson and Beyonce to Sinatra and Louis Armstrong. Keep memories alive with this “reverse karaoke.”

Harrison said those who would be help most were “people who have given up on piano lessons but still have a desire to play the piano, those with no time to learn the conventional way and want to start playing right now, songwriters, and those who don’t read music.”

The RockMaster System Book1


Rockmaster Review Hollywood Today

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