Shape Of Piano Harmony

Shape Of Piano Harmony by Rockmaster

Rockmaster Visual Representation Of Piano Harmony

Shape Of Piano Harmony gives a visual representation of piano chords in addition to the standard notation.

Shape Of Piano Harmony

Piano harmony that is expressed on a staff using standard music notation can also be expressed using geometric shapes. Geometric shapes add a visual component to the harmony that will make it easier for the player to remember.

In Fig. 1 we have three inversions of the C major triad: root, 2nd position (inversion), 3rd position (inversion.) The x’s indicate the spacing between the notes. The root inversion has three equally spaced notes, the second inversion has two equally spaced notes and one further away, the third inversion has one note then two equally spaced notes further away.

Fig. 1

Shape of Piano Harmony F1

If you take these patterns on the staff and rotate them 270% and fit then over the keys on the piano, you will see that the keys on the piano are spaced exactly as the notes on the staff, see Fig. 2.

Fig. 2

Shape of Piano Harmony F2

When black keys are in the chord we will use connecting lines to show the shape of the chord as indicated in Fig. 3.

Fig. 3

Shape of Piano Harmony F3

How can we use these shapes?

We can add these shapes to the music sheet to give a visual reminder of the shape of the chord, see Fig. 4.
And maybe in the future we can use these visual symbols to teach hearing impaired people to play the piano.

Fig. 4

Amazing Grace

Shape of Piano Harmony F4

Note: All the chords on the piano can be represented by only eighteen shapes.

Fig. 5


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Shape Of Piano Harmony

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