Rockmaster System Visual Piano Methods

Visual Piano Learning Method Rockmaster Systems

Visual Piano Learning Methods Rockmaster System How to play piano

Learn How to Play Piano RockStyle and Standard Piano in Minutes with the Rockmaster System: Visual Piano Learning Methods

Visual Piano Learning Methods by Rockmaster System will teach you RockStyle and Standard piano accompaniment methods. 

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Rockmaster System Visual Piano Methods  How to play piano

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Buy Rockmaster System Book 1 Kindle Edition


The Piano Method For Those With Little Time

The Rockmaster System Visual Piano Learning Method is designed to teach you how to play the piano within minutes, not months or years as with traditional methods. Rockmaster’s patented chord changing formula and innovative piano chord tab (tablature) make it easy to play songs without extensive knowledge of music theory; no ability to read music is required to start playing the piano with the Rockmaster System.

Before the creation of the Rockmaster System, aspiring piano players had only two options for learning to play the piano. Naturally gifted musicians could learn to play by ear, matching the sounds they played to remembered songs in their head; while this method requires no formal lessons, it often leaves gaps in harmony and chording ability. Others might take years to learn to read music and to play piano using traditional teaching methods that focus heavily on technique and theory.

A Better Way to Learn Piano Accompaniment

Today, there is a better way. The Rockmaster System Visual Piano Methods uses a unique piano/keyboard tablature that teaches you to play accompaniment on the piano or keyboard within minutes. Many people learn best through visual methods, so the Rockmaster System incorporates visual images to help you remember chords and begin playing right away. Additionally, this amazing system includes a patented chord-changing formula that eliminates the need for learning all the chords before beginning to play; instead, Rockmaster System students learn one chord and then apply the chord-changing formula to produce all the other chords. This will allow you to produce any other chord without ever moving more than one note up or down to get to the next chord. Music theory and years of technical practice are no longer a prerequisite for playing piano, but an adjunct to your own creativity and musical development.


Piano Tabs Will Add A Visual Component To Simplify The Learning

Rockmaster System Visual Piano Methods
Rockmaster System Visual Piano Methods

Piano for Beginners

For the casual musician, the Rockmaster System provides an easy-to-use way to start playing a musical instrument right away. Learn at your own pace and see and hear the results immediately; you’ll be playing chords and producing accompaniments for songs within minutes. You will find that the Rockmaster System is perfect for playing along with your favorite songs: rock, pop, gospel, reggae, soca, latin, bossa nova, standards, calypso, folk, blues, country, doo-wop, hip-hop, etc. You’ll sound like a professional with only a few hours practice.

Adult Piano Student

Especially for those who have taken piano lessons in the past and experienced difficulties or found the process too slow and time-consuming, the Rockmaster System is the perfect solution. This patented piano system makes it simple to learn to play  the piano, and you’ll see results and begin playing music during your very first lesson. Your previous lessons will make the Rockmaster System even more useful since you will have the background in music theory and sight-reading that will help you understand the patented tablature method used in the Rockmaster System.

Professional Musicians

If you already play a musical instrument, but want to broaden your perspective and learn to play harmonies and accompaniments or simply want to take up the piano or keyboard in order to play for your friends, the Rockmaster System will provide an easy way to learn the piano quickly and to have fun doing so.

Future Rockmasters

You don’t have to be an expert on internal combustion to drive a car, and you don’t have to be an expert in music theory to play the piano. Rockmaster System teaches you everything you need to know and nothing you don’t, making it the easiest, fastest way to learn to play piano today.

Let’s ROCK!  The “Rockmaster System”: Relating Ongoing Chords to the Keyboard (ROCK)

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Rockmaster System Visual Piano Methods How to play piano

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