Rockmaster Review International Musician

Rockmaster Review International Musician

Rockmaster Review International Musician, September 2005
Official Journal of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

The Rockmaster System: Relating Ongoing Chords to the Keyboard

According to author Winston Harrison, the Rockmaster System is a revolutionary “rock style” keyboard method that does not require learning to read music. The system reduces what you need to know about the keyboard down to its essentials, so you can put your piano or keyboard to use as soon as possible. With Rockmaster, you can quickly become proficient enough to play along with your favorite songs, or even with songs that you write yourself.

The Rockmaster is designed for people with music in them who don’t read music, but want to play keyboard accompaniment. It will also appeal to those who want to learn to play the keyboard but do not have the time, or inclination, to learn the conventional way.

Harrison, a keyboardist and member of Local 802 ( New York City ), believes his system could also provide someone learning music theory or sight singing with a quick way to start enjoying making music on their keyboard.

Non-keyboard musicians who want to learn basic harmony, or lyricists who would like to compose music, could also benefit from the Rockmaster System.

The method is simplicity at its best. Rockmaster quickly teaches players how to play along with any song whose chords are known. You don’t need to learn the fingering for every chord; just the first one. After that, the Rockmaster formula takes over, using unique a visual representation to relate each ongoing chord to the one that precedes in the easiest way possible. Each finger stays where it is, or moves to an adjacent note.

Revolutionary? Indeed: Harrison has been granted “patent pending” status for his idea.

“I believe this system could spark as much interest in music as the electric guitar did in the ’50s and ’60s,” says Harrison .

The Rockmaster System: Relating Ongoing Chords to the Keyboard, Book I (Rock),
by Winston Harrison,
Dellwin Publishing, Brooklyn, NY , 2004.

Rockmaster Review International Musician

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