Chord Change Formula 2L

Chord Change Formula 2L:
Anchor Method For Left Hand Chord Change

How to use the Rockmaster Anchor Method for Left-Hand to change chords

Chord Change Formula 2L is a standard chord changing method

Formula 2L F1

In this method the focus will be on the left hand fingers and the Anchor notes.
The numbers represent the left hand finger that will be on the Anchor note (.5 = Pinkie, 3 = Middle, 1 = Thumb)

Anchor note 8 will be at the bottom of the I chord
middle of the VI chord
top of the IV chord

Anchor note 7 will be at the bottom of the VII chord
middle of the V chord
top of the III chord.
Anchor note 9 will be at the bottom of the II chord
middle of the VII chord
top of the V chord
Chords III, IV, V have their anchor note at the top of the chord.

Chords V, VI, VII have their anchor note in the middle of the chord.

Chords VII, I, II have their anchor note at the bottom of the chord.

Chords V and VII contain 2 anchor notes.

Formula 2L Chord Change Examples In D Major

Formula 2L F2

Canon in D

Formula 2L F3


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