Rockmaster Approach

Rockmaster Approach to Piano Accompaniment

Rockmaster Visual Component for Your Music Learning

Rockmaster Approach to Piano Accompaniment

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Approximately 21 million Americans own a piano/keyboard. We can assume that a large percentage of these people do not aspire to become professional musicians, but just love music and want to play an instrument.

But the approach to learning to play the piano/keyboard remains the same for all who would venture to play the instrument. And that requires years of music theory. There is no distinction between those who want to play professionally, and those who want to do it for fun.

No more!

The Rockmaster System has separated the theory from the playing. You don’t have to spend years learning music theory and playing scales and arpeggios just to be able to accompany some of your favorite songs. The Rockmaster System focuses on the layout of the keyboard and the relationship between the notes. With this knowledge, which you can learn in a short time, you will be able to accompany any song right away.

The piano is still a part of the rhythm section of a band and that is its primary function. Most bands have a vocalist and that is where the melody is provided. Songs have words and that’s why we sing.

Learn to play piano accompaniment now, then if you need to enhance your understanding of music, add the theory lessons later.


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Rockmaster Approach

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