US Awards Rare Patent

US Awards Rare Patent for Piano Method

US Awards Rare Music Patent to Rockmaster System

US Awards Rare Patent to Formula that Teaches Piano in Minutes

New book “The RockMaster System” has beginners playing songs straight away. The teaching formula is so original that is was awarded the surprising U.S. patent in the piano instruction field, where little has changed in decades.
Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) August 22, 2006 — A rare U.S. patent has been granted to a new piano instruction book, “The RockMaster System,” whose formula is so simple and innovative it can teach beginners to play songs in minutes.
Using the visual and instinctive way the brain thinks rather than just repetition, “The RockMaster System: Rock Oriented Chords to the Keyboard” from Dellwin Publishing Company and author Winston Harrison is the simplest, fastest way to learn rock-style keyboards.
The teaching formula is so original that is was awarded the surprising patent in the piano field, where little has changed in decades save for the electronic hardware. “The patent office thought it was useful enough to award a patent as an improvement on what is out there,” said Harrison.
Most students still toil over scales, theory and technique in much the same way as their great-grandparents before them. Harrison’s breakthrough offers a way to be up and performing right away — the lessons can come later or not at all. The all-ages book is aimed at the 21 million Americans that have a keyboard instrument and the many more who would enjoy playing for friends and family if it was easy to learn.
”Not everyone is interested in learning theory, though the system can also be a complement to traditional lessons,” said Harrison. “There is nothing wrong with playing a song while you are learning. It keeps people interested longer and motivates them. Otherwise it can get too boring.’’
The system was born of necessity for Harrison, who resides in Brooklyn, NY. He plays guitar and needed to work out some chord progressions on the keyboard – and an easy way to remember them. The former computer programmer also understood how simple visual references are needed to access the underlying mathematical logic used by both piano and computer. “It is a music formula based on changing chords, you only need to know the first chord, then it is just moving one or two fingers up or down as instructed. You don’t need to know the notes, it gives you an ‘image’ of the chords.” It should be noted that the system is primarily useful for “rock-oriented’ piano, where the keyboards supply rhythm (chords and bass) to accompany melodies from vocals, guitar or other instruments. The RockMaster can be used to accompany any non-classical music style: rock, pop, gospel, reggae, Latin, standards, calypso, folk, blues, country, etc.
The book is available at online bookstores including,, and  the RockMaster website ( Harrison is currently working on another how-to book that deals with four-part harmonies.
Harrison concluded “What I like best about ‘The RockMaster System’ is that you don’t need prior knowledge, just the desire to play.”

For interviews with Mr. Harrison, review copies, photos and further information, please call:

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US Awards Rare Patent to Formula that Teaches Piano in Minutes

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